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The 6 wardrobe essentials curated for your lifestyle

The 6 wardrobe essentials curated for your lifestyle

The 6 wardrobe essentials curated for your lifestyle

Every woman has experienced this, and not just once but, time and again. Minutes before a party, standing in front of the closet, and you have, “nothing to wear!” And with fashion changing like the days of the week, the “problem” seems to be hovering forever with no “permanent solution”.

Is it possible to build a wardrobe that’s forever in fashion? Well… yes! With few essentials in your closet, you will always have something that looks good, feels comfortable and flaunts the fashionable you every time you wear them.


The timeless classic – Sari

From office party to wedding, from boardroom meeting to brunch, the classic sari can never go out of place and out of fashion. Try different drapes with different accessories to meet the need.


The forever green – Straight kurta

This forever green piece of clothing redefines the Indian swag. Ranging from different lengths to different fits, a straight kurta goes best with any age, height and body-type. Try different bottoms to get different look.



The comfortable & chic – Trousers & Palazzos

Trousers and palazzos are a promise of style with comfort. With different combinations of toppers, they go perfect for office as well as non-office wears.



Black and whites tops

Blacks and whites in any form or style go well with varied combinations. 



Fitted or flared – Skirts

This comes in a range of varieties from long, mini, pencil etc. It can be styled in various unique ways by simply pairing it with crop tops, denim shirt or kurtis. It is one item in your closet that you can count on to make you feel beautiful always.



Smart and classy – Shrugs and Jackets

This piece of clothing adds amazing style to any dress at any occasion. Get one with traditional and one with a formal look.




Accessories completes the outfit

Accessories are investments. A necklace can completely transform that basic black dress–and take you from day to evening in 30 seconds. Don a statement necklace to add some glamour to a basic suit or a cocktail dress.

Simple diamond hoops can be worn for a low-key dinner or for high-powered business meeting. It’s drama without the fuss.

Shop for your lifestyle

Cut and fit is crucial when building a wardrobe of great basics. It’s also important to factor in your lifestyle when making wardrobe choices. Most women actively balance multiple roles–a work life, family commitments and a bit of a social life too, and a wardrobe should reflect that. Make sure each purchase can be worn from the workplace to a dinner with friends.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to indulge in a few items you’ll love forever. When You Love Something, Go For It!

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